Miami Based Grecian Sandal Goddess Corinna Saias Brings Fashion to the Foot

corrina bk shoe
Corinna Saias With Her “Melina” Swarovski Jeweled Sandal

Corinna Saias is not just a pretty face, she is also a brand. Born in Salonika, Greece, she also lived in Athens, in Switzerland and in Boston, where she studied at the prestigious universities: Bentley and Harvard. Having moved to Miami one year ago, this driven mother and wife decided to throw in the bag on her past career of finance and to focus on creative. “I started the company in March and it went live in September.”

But you are probably wondering what she creates. Well, it is probably the hottest Grecian/Capri style sandal ever…..and it gets better: select ones are dazzled with Swarovski crystals (they had to be approved by Swarovski in advance), and not at all in a tacky way, but more Giuseppe Zanotti chic and clean looking.

Corinna stated “the Greek sandals are trendy, I wanted to be in fashion, I love shoes. Everything just merged in my mind and after I gave birth to my daughter I wanted to be in creative, not corporate.” Currently produced are five styles in various colors and Corinna is in the process of creating new sandals for 2014. Considering she is so worldly, she has a vision of being sold globally, and I tell you, having met Corinna and seen her sleek sandals, I am confident her dreams will come true.

The “Melina” Swarovski Jeweled Sandal Retails for $278