Inside the Magical Butterfly Wonderland


If you’re visiting Scottsdale, AZ or the surrounding Phoenix area, you can’t miss a trip to Butterfly Wonderland, the largest butterfly pavilion in America. The unique and just lovely butterfly fantasyland lets you experience nature that is not just something you find outside your front door. It  entertains and enchants, as it educates visitors of all ages on the wonders of one of Mother Nature’s most beloved creatures. Step inside this magnificent glass atrium that brings a tropical rainforest environment to the Arizona desert, and prepare to feel like a kid as you feel what it’s like to have wings.


The dramatic, glass-enclosed atrium is home to thousands of butterflies from the far reaches of the world, in a carefully controlled rainforest environment that is meticulously maintained by Curator Dayna Cooper. You’ll see colors that you didn’t even know existed in nature – everything from the common Monarch orange and black, to bright blue. Much more than a traditional viewing facility, the Conservatory is lush and tropical with waterfalls and colorful plants and trees.

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