Hayte Yacht of the Week: Slipstream


01_SLIPSTREAM 60 meter CMN_mega_luxury_motor_yacht_charter

The Slipstream is incredibly gorgeous, chic, and basically a floating paradise on the water. Which is why is makes sense that super rich Simon Cowell is often seen aboard with friends.


The yacht is from Burgess and is magnificent with a black hull and silver superstructure. It is the largest yacht from France’s CMN Shipyard at 60 meters. The interior and deck space is ample and the toys that come aboard it are plenty—including a Bombardier waverunner, windsurfer, two kayaks, two paddle boards, kneeboards, wakeboards, waterskis and tows, fishing gear, and snorkelling gear.


And all those toys are only if you feel like stepping away from the lush interior or the brilliant sunning deck with enough seating and dancing room for a HUGE party.