Eden Fine Art: A Global Art Paradise


Eden Fine Art is by no means your typical urban gallery. It warmly welcomes viewers to experience vibrant color and cohesive, unique works that almost seem to speak to one another— and certainly speak to their audience—forgoing alienating blank walls for an interactive community space filled with life. With an international brand spanning from New York to San Francisco to Tel Aviv, Eden has handpicked some of the most prominent contemporary artists, serving as their representative, publisher, promoter and exhibitor in a strong partnership that sets them up for success. Eden’s founders resisted the “expected” art gallery in favor of bold hues, happiness and beautiful things.


“The owners chose midtown for Eden because it’s really the pulse of the city. It wasn’t just about the art,” Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, Francois Karimi, tells Haute Living. “It was something more approachable than that. Our pieces are expensive and unique, but aesthetically and emotionally relatable.”

All of the pieces in the space have a similar vibe, despite having been created by dozens of different artists; truly a testament to the curating principles of owner Cathia Klimovsky. The artists were drawn together by the common thread of vibrant color, or as Karimi says, the “uplifting, happy side of art.”

Klimovsky only adds a new artist to the Eden family every year or every other year, and she knows exactly what she’s looking for. The gallery currently features the artwork of contemporary artists like Yoel Benharrouche, Calman Shemi, Randy Cooper, Romero Britto, David Kracov, Dorit Levinstein, Daniel Gastaud, Natan Elkanovich and Lirone. A few months prior, it featured an exhibit around the aluminum and mixed media sculptural work of French artist Stephane Cipre.

This month, Levinstein will unveil her latest series of hand painted bronze sculptures, exploring the hidden artistic force behind the myth and icons of contemporary popular culture. Stay tuned for the latest from this ever growing, ever lively gallery.