Dori’s World: The Fabulous Lutnick Bat Mitzvah

2013-11-02 21.32.01-2

Allison and Howard Lutnick is the couple that everyone knows mostly from their contributions to many charities, such as Cantor Fitzgerald Charities and the Hurricane Relief Fund. Their philanthropy is just unbelievable. They are so giving. They had a bat mitzvah for their daughter this weekend, which was so spectacular. The love they have for their children and their friends, the fun entertainment, the montage they made as a family, made it such a special night. Erica Karsch and I enjoyed getting our eyelashes done at the Sephora booth by the girls. Steph Hirsch, Denise Rich, Nancy Ellin, Charlotte Blechman, Ramy Sharp, Jen Miller, Alison Brod, Lorraine Schwartz and I danced the night away. Jennifer Gardner Trulson and I spotted the tattoo booth. I also went back for two helpings of Pinkberry and a huge candy bag. Christie Hirtenstein was looking glamorous in her long red dress. All the kids were having a ball. I want to be 13 again.