Bobby Flay, Michael Symon and Other Haute Chefs Present Savor Borgata

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Savor Borgata’s Street Eats Festival was a foodie’s dream. Of course the atmosphere was incredible with a carnival theme and fun games and prizes, but the food prepared in makeshift food “trucks” took center stage. Chefs Bobby Flay and Michael Symon drew the largest crowds as they stood in front of their trucks serving plates and posing for pictures. Our favorites were the Philly cheesesteaks from Old Homestead; Chef Stephen Kalt’s ravioli’s from Fornelletto; and Michael Schulson’s Asian dish from Izakaya.

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In addition to the main Savor event, the smaller educational events going on throughout the weekend were an intimate look and what goes into serving and preparing fine foods. We loved getting to meet Master Sommelier Robert Bigelow from Chateau Ste. Michelle who hosted the Eyes Wine Shut seminar that taught us about tasting and identifying scents and tastes, and what it takes to be a professional sommelier.

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Bobby Flay’s live cooking demonstration, and question and answer session, was like being at a live food Network taping, complete with new recipe ideas to try, and the comedy that Flay brings to his performances.