World’s Largest Orange Diamond Expected to Fetch $20 Million at Auction

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The world’s largest known orange diamond, simply deemed “The Orange,” will be auctioned at Christie’s on November 12 with the expectation of selling for nearly $20 million. The desirable piece is 14.82 karats and has a very rare and distinctive orange color with VS1 clarity.

Colored diamond specialist, Alan Bronstein discussed the pear-shaped diamonds quality, “It’s very, very good, but it has natural imperfections.” He continued to state that a diamond of this size and quality has no comparison, “It’s unpredictable what a diamond like that can go for. We are entering uncharted waters.”

The last orange diamond to capture such public interest was the 5.54 karat “Pumpkin Diamond,” which sold for $1.3 million in a 1997 Sotheby’s auction.