What’s On My Desk: Tunu Puri Of Lippi And Zuma


Tunu Puri has been a busy man this month, with opening of Brickell’s new hotspot, Lippi, a New American restaurant that was influenced by his travels. Puri is a partner in and president of Zuma Miami and Coya, a South American concept in London that is one of the city’s most buzzed-about restaurants that Puri plans to bring to Miami next summer. But Puri hasn’t always been in the restaurant business, most of his career was spent running a successful women’s apparel company and working for Ernst & Young. Here is what is on his desk.

Baccarat Ashtray:  I bought it 28 years ago in Paris, and it keeps my ash clean!

Blackberry: It’s really a great phone. Hopefully they can make it and stay I business.

My son’s artwork: It brings great joy to me and makes me want to be a child again

Macbook Pro:  I can’t  begin imagine how we lived before without instant e-mail

Espresso: I must always keep awake!

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