What’s on My Desk: Jill Haber, Luxury Handbag Designer


Jill Haber is the CEO and creative director of the Jill Haber Design Group. She designs luxury handbags using mixed media exotics such as exotic skins, leather and metals. Every piece is vintage-inspired with a modern spin.

Here’s what she keeps on her desk to stay inspired:

Sketch pad
I never know when something or someone will inspire me. I always keep the pad handy so I can do a quick drawing.

My grandmother’s handbag
Actually, I have several of them in my office. Her bag collection is what originally inspired me to design handbags. This particular one I use to hold my business cards!

Photos of my kids
They always inspire me and make me happy.

Fresh flowers
I love flowers! They smell so fragrant and look so beautiful.

My “to do” list
I am a hyper organized person. I have to keep a list of things I need to do, people I need to call etc. Even though it’s all on my phone, I need to have it written down and right in front of me so I can see it and then literally cross it off my list.