Paul McCartney Performs Surprise Concert at Queens High School

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The legendary Beatle star, Paul McCartney performed a surprise concert for students at the Frank Sinatra School of The Arts in Astoria, Queens this past Tuesday, promoting his album, “New.” The school’s auditorium was packed full of adoring teens thankful for the incredible opportunity to be taught a master class by such a superstar.

McCartney performed a 13-song set including Beatles classics like “Hey Jude,” “Blackbird” and “Back in The U.S.S.R.” as well as some of his own original work and new tracks from his upcoming CD introducing  “Save Us” and “Everybody Out There.” McCartney dedicated the title track “New” to his wife, Nancy Shevell in celebration of their 1-year wedding anniversary.

Answering questions from the audience and speaking candidly, McCartney offered insight into the world of Music, stating that fame gave him the freedom to explore and experiment with different sounds, allowing him to give people “something they didn’t know they wanted.” In response to a question about his musical training, McCartney stated the Beatles had no formal training and told the students they have an advantage because of their education.

McCartney’s album “New” is the first original material he has presented in 6 years and will hit the market on October 15. In attendance was the iconic Tony Bennett, founder of the Frank Sinatra School of The Arts.

Photo Credit: MJ KIM/MPL Communications