How To Get Into The Sold Out PAMM Gala

Darlene Perez and Constance Fernandez


Ever since the PAMM’s Gala Kick Off party earlier this month at the home of Mike and Constance Fernandez, attended by Lee Brian Schrager, Edgardo Defortuna et al., it’s been pretty obvious that the PAMM Gala was going to be the big event of Basel week.

After all, it is the unveiling of the new Herzog & de Meuron oeuvre and boasts dinner and a private concert by Marc Anthony as well as a sneak peek at their first exhibition by world famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, so it’s not surprising that the tickets are sold out.

Sales thus far have earned the museum $1.5 million dollars. But there is still a way in if you are determined: corporate sponsorships. You can join the ranks of Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Wealth Management/US Trust, BNY Mellon Wealth Management, Mercedes-Benz, Neiman Marcus, Regalia, and Southern Wine & Spirits of America. Pricey but oh so worth being a part of history.