Haute Yacht of the Week: The Irresistible

Milk & Honey, 125-foot Palmer Johnson yacht in the Virgin Islands.

The Irresistible is a brand new 80-foot, three-bedroom luxury Monocle yacht with three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. It sails around the Caribbean and features all sorts of fun activities including an extensive wet bar, Jacuzzi, jet ski, a kayak and an oversized tender for exclusive parties. And of course guests enjoy personalized pre-trip planning and on-site concierge who ensure that they can fully enjoy their voyage.


The new yacht is part of Portico’s massive portfolio of vacation rentals, it’s available for a weekend getaway or an unforgettable vacation around the BVI. Portico has partnered with Monocle Yachts, the pioneer of fractional yacht ownership, to expand expanded its offerings to the sea.