Haute 100 Update Miami: Bill Clinton Pays Phillip Levine A Visit Ahead of Mayoral Election


As Miami Beach’s mayoral election heats up between Michael Congora and Haute-lister Phillip Levine, beloved ex-President Bill Clinton payed a visit to Levine’s Royal Media offices on Miami Beach. Clinton attended a luncheon along with best friend, and Best Buddies advocate, Anthony Shriver. Hopefully a little Clinton magic will rub off on Levine, who is neck and neck with Congora in public opinion and who has both the advantage (and disadvantage) of incumbency.

President Clinton spoke at a luncheon held to rally many of Philip Levine’s supporters at the campaign headquarters.  “Philip walked door-to-door and knocked on over 4,000 doors because he wanted a direct relationship with the people, he wanted to listen, to learn and to sell himself.  I really think that this is an important election, not just for the people of Miami Beach, but for sending a signal of what kind of politics we need in America.”

Philip Levine commented, “To say that I am honored to receive President Clinton’s endorsement of my candidacy is an understatement.  The correct adjectives are difficult to express, but this is a serious matter and I intend to be a Mayor that the residents will be proud of, as well as my friend President Clinton.”

Things have gotten more than a little heated following two live debates between the candidates (and long shot Steve Burke, who is being followed by MTV cameras.) But the candidates are quite different. Unlike career politician Congora, Levine is proposing to self-fund, and clean up the city and get its house in order, although he was recently criticized for saying he would like to do away with the “‘mañana” attitude prevalent in City Hall. Following the November 5 elections, we will know if Levine will be given the opportunity to make an impact like NYC mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg.