What’s On My Desk: Rehan Chaudhry, CEO at Life in Beautiful Festival

What's On My Desk 1

Life is Beautiful Festival is a two-day music, food, art and learning festival taking place in Downtown Las Vegas this fall. Founder and CEO Rehan Chaudhry is bringing over 70 bands, 50 chefs, 10 theatrical productions, 10 artists and 25 speakers to inspire festival goers to follow their dreams and live a life of passion. The Life is Beautiful Festival’s offices are located at Emergency Arts, a neighborhood arts-centric building that features a coffee shop & record store, a tech library and an artist-in-residency program—and here is what Chaudhry keeps on his desk there.

Diet coke – this is my comfort item. There’s a special place in my heart for aspartame. I’m not sure why. I’ll probably regret it later.

Marshall headphones – I love listening to music LOUD as I work. My life is entertainment, and these exude 70’s era rock.

Bowl of Buttons – we have buttons with the festival logo. It’s a heart that I wear everywhere. I gave up on business cards a long time ago, so these have become my takeaways.

Cat folder – I am a total dog person. The folder has all of my “for review” items in it. As long as it still has work in it, I have to carry it around with me everywhere. It’s a motivator.

Shake weight – When you’re at a desk all day, sometimes you need to get a quick workout in. Nothing’s better for that than a shake weight.

What's On My Desk 2