Haute Yacht of the Week: Oxygene Air 77


This week, the Festival de Plaisance in Cannes will feature nearly 100 new yachts. We expect the Oxygene Air 77 houseboat to be one of the standouts from Sept. 10 to 15.


The cockpits of the new AIR 77 yacht are located under the deckhouse and on the flybridge converted into a sun deck lounge.


Designer Frédéric Sarfati and producer Raphaël Krepser wanted to create a stealth and luxurious catamaran, and we say they’d certainly accomplished both judging by these photos.

This incredibly unique boat with 280 square meters of living space, is equipped with a 2×260 hp motor that can hit a top speed of 20 knots. Inside, passengers can cross through the entire length of the boat through the 65 square meter living room.