Haute Auto of the Week: BMW Spyder i8


We’ve seen the prototype, and now BMW is ready to show us the real thing. The Spyder i8 Hybrid will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week.

The car is a combination of turbodiesel and plug-in motors, which allow a total power of 354hp, for an announced top speed of 250km/h and 0 to 100km/h acceleration in 4.6 seconds. But the best part? This all-electric car can travel up to 160km between charges, naturally without emitting any CO2.


As of now, final pricing details for the models haven’t be announced, but both are currently available for pre-order in Europe before the worldwide launch in late 2013.

To Watch the Video on the all new BMW Spyder i8, go to HauteAuto.com.