Celebrity Hair Guru Frederic States Talks Color and Shine in South Florida

Frederic States Talks Hair Color

Celebrity hair colorist Frederic States has been known for perfecting the hues of some of Miami’s most stylish A-list heads at Hair Dragon Salon in Miami’s Design District and now going to Julien Farel Salon. With over 20 years working in his profession, he is a Master colorist and took some time to sit down and give us some helpful tips to enhance color, create style, and add shine to hair this upcoming season.

Tell us how you got started in hair.

I was talked into going to beauty school by a friend of mine, who actually dropped out after 3 months, but I continued.  Being a creative child, my world was about color: I loved to paint, and still do to this day. After beauty school, I met a colorist, who needed an assistant, and that’s how my career got started. After working at Prive Salon in Los Angeles, I opened my own salon in Santa Monica in 2004 until 2011. I decided to return to my home state of Florida, but I currently have a clientele in Los Angeles, that I see every 6-8 weeks.

Can you provide some great tips on end of summer hair color care?

The answer to this question depends on where you are geographically in the world. Simply, you want to remove the white or yellow tones from your hair. For example, a woman who lives in Miami or LA year round, would maybe not bring down her hair so much because she lives in a summer-like climate year round. However, a woman who lives in New York, San Francisco, Chicago would bring her hair down for the seasons to compliment her wardrobe and winter skin tones.

Blondes get very white after summer, so you will want to tone the brightness down a bit, and of course this all has to go along with your skin tones and eye color. Brunettes want to remove the yellow tone; a toner can do this to bring your highlights to caramel, honey, gold, which ever compliments your skin and eye tone as well.

Is the salt water bad for hair? How can South Floridians protect their hair from the salt water?

Salt water and the sun combined is drying to your hair and will also lighten your hair color as well. There a quite a few sun care lines made for the hair, my favorite being Kerastase. However, a simple wetting of the hair, applying a conditioner and leaving it in, will provide a nice barrier for your hair and so will a loose fitting hat or a scarf.

Whatever you do, do not go into a swimming pool with dry hair. You will strip your color and take the chance of going “green” which is because of a high copper level in the pool. You can use tap water, the pool or beach-side shower, or even pour your bottled water on your hair. Whatever you do, wet it before jumping in.

Please tell us some exciting hair trends for fall. What are some trends that almost every woman can do?

Ombre is still a trend. But in my opinion, it isn’t an appropriate trend for everyone.  I prefer to create a more subtle version of Ombre which is very natural looking and soft, for all ages and hair type. By painting on the color, you can create definition but wont result in looking like your ends where dipped in bleach!

Share with our readers some simple ways to help preserve hair color year ’round in the South Florida sun.

A proper shampoo and conditioner regimen are key. I tell clients all day long, not to scrub the hair or you will wash out your color. Just shampoo the scalp and conditioner only to the ends.

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Photos courtesy of Frederic States.

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