Auction at Dante’s Down the Hatch Marks the End of an Era

75This past Saturday marked the end of an era for Atlanta when the last of Dante’s Down the Hatch was sold in a live auction. Dante’s Down the Hatch and all its nautical décor and antiques were sold as the restaurant and famous jazz place closed its doors for the final time.  Many loyal customers and friends showed up to the auction on September 21 for their chance to bid on a piece of the Buckhead spot and to say their final goodbyes to the owner of 43 years.

Dante’s Down the Hatch was an institution in Atlanta.  A fondue restaurant with décor and an atmosphere modeled after an 18th Century sailing ship docked in the Mediterranean Sea, this spot had antiques and oddities throughout the entire space making it a must-visit in Atlanta.  Along with live jazz seven nights a week, Dante’s was probably most famous for the live alligators that swam around the moat.

Sadly a few months ago, the owner made the decision to close his doors and liquidate the entire restaurant and all its goods. Collectors and patrons gathered for a preview party the night before the auction for a final farewell and then showed up bright and early the next morning ready to place their bids on various pieces of Atlanta history.

Even  those who had the opportunity to experience the delightful fondue and romantic atmosphere at Dante’s, probably never noticed the entire expanse of collectibles and antiques in the restaurant. I sure did not.  Personally, after looking through the 537 items that were auctioned and sold, I was amazed at how many unique items were housed inside the walls of the nautical-themed restaurant. Then again, my attention always stayed focus on the alligators looming around the moat.

Below, you can take a look at just a few of the items that were sold at the Dante’s Down the Hatch Liquidation Auction. You can browse through the whole list here.

Dante’s Down the Hatch’s legacy will live on in our city.

Monumental Ship’s Wheel with Bronze Center was sold at auction for $1,250
Ship’s Telegraph sold for $1000


This wooden sign that was a fixture in the restaurant fetched $4100.
Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer Wax Figures from Madame Tussauds sold for $1,100
Rare ship’s figurehead sold for $3500