Opera Tower Team Celebrates On Midnight Sun Yacht

Gabriella Valle, Charina Ferriera, George Fraguio, Brooke Burton, Andres Asion, Talisa Suarez, Jose Laya

Sixty privileged real estate brokers were invited to spend an evening aboard the 100-foot yacht called the Midnight Sun. The floating soiree was curtsey of the Opera Tower, the 56-story, luxury condominium overlooking Biscayne Bay in Downtown.

The guests boarded the small ship at Sea Isle Marina, just down the street from Opera Tower, via a red carpet. Once aboard, they were treated to cocktails, passed hors d’oeuvres, and a live DJ.  Once the party was in full swing, Fortune International did a brief presentation on Opera Tower. Sales Director George Fraguio and Sales Associate Sofia Espinosa, introduced the fabulous lifestyle available at Opera Tower, as well as details on exciting developer financing and leaseback opportunities at the premier condominium. Following the presentation, the ship set sail for a relaxing sunset cruise down beautiful Biscayne Bay, while guests had a wonderful time enjoying the upper lounge deck, complete with a full bar and dance floor, not to mention the breathtaking sunset views.

Photography:  Brett Hufziger / BHUF.COM