Haute 100 NY Update: Harvey Weinstein to Produce ‘Artemis Fowl’ Movie

Harvey Weinstein and Walt Disney Studios are teaming up to bring a live-action adaptation of the Artemis Fowl novels to the big screen. Weinstein will produce the highly-anticipated cinematic wonder, set to follow the first two books of Eoin Colfer‘s saga. As an executive producer, Robert De Niro will contribute to the film as well; it has not been confirmed if he will augment his participation with an on-screen role.

Alan Horn previously collaborated with Harvey Weinstein and looks forward to their reunion for Artemis Fowl. “Harvey is one of the preeminent producers in the industry, with impeccable taste and creative instincts,” said Horn. “I had a wonderful time working with Harvey during my tenure at Warner Bros., and I’m very happy to continue that relationship here at Disney.”

The internationally best-selling children’s series chronicles a 12-year-old boy genius named Artemis who kidnaps a fairy in hopes of rescuing his family.

Photo Credit: NPR