Gregory Pugin Named New Chef de Cuisine at Biltmore’s Palme D’Or

Gregory Pugin

Gregory Pugin has been named the new Chef de cuisine of The Biltmore’s signature French restaurant Palme D’Or.

The young chef has previously been the Executive Sous-Chef at L’Atelier Joël Robuchon in New York City and has also been nominated as a Rising Star Chef of the Year from the James Beard Foundation.

“This young, French chef comes to the Biltmore with a lifetime of experience and international recognition for his talent,” said Matthias Kammerer, who is the Managing Director of the Biltmore Hotel. Kammerer continues: “His training and dedication to delivering an unforgettable experience is exactly what makes him the ideal talent to carry the torch at Palme d’Or.”

Palme D’Or is also participating resto for Miami Spice. You can check out their luxe dinner menu here.