Greg Oden to Sign $1 Million Contract With Miami Heat

Fresh from a second championship NBA win, The Miami Heat is bringing in another team player to their well-established basketball empire. Greg Oden, who previously played center for the Portland Trail Blazers, has signed a $1 million-dollar contract with the Heat.

Oden, who was the number one pick by the Heat, signed a two year contract with the team, after rehabbing for a while after a sports-related injury. “There’s a lot to be excited about in joining the NBA champions, getting to play with some great players, and living in Miami. But honestly, the thing I’m most excited about is just being able to play basketball again.”

Oden’s future teammate point guard Mario Chalmers has recently said of Oden joining the team: “I think a 7-footer can help any team. They’re hard to find. I’ve known Greg since our high school days, talked to him a couple of times about this and you just hope for the best.”