Gourmet Eats Delivered to Your Doorstep

Need a break from the dining scene? Garnish & Gather is just the solution. Launched in June 2013, Garnish & Gather gives you all the tools you need (from the ingredients to the recipes) to prepare a gourmet home-cooked meal in under an hour.  And that’s just the beginning. The Gourmet Meal Kits are delivered right to your door.

But these are no ordinary meals. Garnish & Gather works with a team of top chefs in the area who are connected to the local farm movement. Therefore, all of the ingredients are seasonally chosen and you can guarantee the freshest organic meats, poultry, fish and vegetables around. gandg1

Whether you want to cook a meal for two or four, the process is simple and the result is a guaranteed gastronomical success.  To start the process, choose a meal from their weekly menu and place your order. Next thing you know, a meal kit, composed of all of the ingredients, in the exact portion size, and an instruction guide will be delivered at your door. You don’t have to have any major culinary skills to pull off these hearty feasts.  Just follow the directions and indulge in your creation.


Founded by Emily Nethero Golub, G & G’s philosophy is the belief that food is a right not a privilege.  That’s why Garnish & Gather has partnered with Open Hand in Atlanta, and is donating a portion of proceeds and time to support Open Hand in its mission to prepare and deliver nutritious meals to those in need.

To order up your Meal Kit, visit their website at www.garnishandgather.com.