Fashionable Footwear for an Ibiza State of Mind

9885_535254376516302_931702996_nThe ladies at Shopaholchicks have a knack for discovering bohemian styles for those with high-end taste. Their latest find comes right from Ibiza where the rich and famous spend the summer months hopping from yacht to yacht with nighttime breaks inside the best VIP clubs.


This new footwear is a head turner, to say the least. They are colorful and crazy boots called Taffys from the company Piece of Mind Ibiza. These handmade boots are traditional footwear of a Berber tribe on the edge of the Sahara—but fashionistas can’t help but want a pair of such a unique style for themselves. Juliet and Marlous Oosterom, the founders of Shopaholchicks snatched them up at the Hippy market in Ibiza and are introducing them to Europe and the States!

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