Dori’s World: Weekend in the Hamptons

On Friday night I had dinner in the Hamptons the home of Daniella Rich Kilstock and Richard Kilstock. Harry Lefrak, Jon Mason, Jennifer Brown were all there. The next day, Daniella and Richard hosted a soccer game and lunch for kids and adults, dressing the teams in blue or red. So many people turned out, including Teddy and Katrine Wong, Steve Gutenberg, Seth Greenberg, Gigi Grimstad, Elana Waksel, Posner Nathan, Marci Warren and Inga and Keith Rubenstein. Then I was off to dinner with David and Lesley schulhof. On Sunday evening, Betina Zilkah hosted a clam bake with Mayor Giuliani and his wife. Mark Rockefeller, Kathy and Rick hilton, Rachel Peters, Alex Kramer, Dorit Morley, Serena Boardman, Lisa and George McFadden all stopped by. It was such an nice weekend!