Cee-Lo Green and Goodie Mob Reunite With New Album

Goodie-Mob-Janelle-MonaeCee-Lo Green and fellow Goodie Mob group members T-Mot, Big Gipp and Khujo are a busy bunch.  The pioneer southern hip-hop group out of Atlanta, recently reunited for the first time in fourteen years and will release their highly anticipated album, “Age Against The Machine” on August 27, 2013.

The album has been a long time coming. The group reunited and started working in 2005 but Cee-Lo decided to move in a different direction, going on to form Gnarls Barkley and reach A-List status with the release of “Crazy”,  as well as single “F*** You” with Bruno Mars, and a position as TV judge on NBC’s hit show “The Voice.” Now, Cee-Lo Green and the rest of the clan are on board (back to their Goodie Mob roots) and making waves in the music community.

Even if you are not a rap fan, and did not grow up around the Southern Hip Hop, you can still appreciate the musical mark that Goodie Mob made on our city.  They arguably put Atlanta hip-hop on the map with their debut album “Soul Food” in 1995.  Originally formed in 1991, Goodie Mob was part of the Dungeon Family the Southern rap collective that included Andre 3000 and Big Boi of Outkast among other classic groups.


Fast forward to 2013,  they are back together and better than ever.  The album is filled with must-hear tracks, including a guest appearances by local Atlanta pals T.I. and Janelle Monae. Monae collaborated with the pair on a song called “Special Education” which delivers a powerful Anti-Bullying message. The video for the single, which was released last month, has gotten stellar reviews.

If the music group needed more of a reason to celebrate, they have one coming up.  Cee-Lo and his Goodie Mob posse will be inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame during the 35th Annual Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards which takes place on October 5, 2013.