Ulysse Nardin to Open Boutique Inside Ritz-Carlton New York


This week luxury watchmaker Ulysse Nardin announced the location for its third mono-brand boutique in the United States. The Swiss manufacture will open its new boutique inside New York City’s prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel on the edge of Central Park.

Ulysse Nardin has teamed up with Jeffrey Khalaf and Michael Rosenberg of The Timepiece Collection in New Jersey on the new boutique, which will open in early October. The boutique will feature over a hundred of Ulysse Nardin’s finest timepieces, as well as several models from the Limited Edition Boutique line (which includes the Blue Toro, the Boutique Freak Diavolo, the Blue Executive Dual Time and the Boutique Diver). There will also be several unique pieces available, from the Stranger watch, a musical timepiece that plays crooner Frank Sinatra’s Strangers in the Night, to the Game of Thrones-themed Night’s Watch. According to the manufacture, the Ritz-Carlton space will be an homage to Ulysse Nardin’s nautical heritage, with timepieces displayed in portholes and anchors hung on the walls.

Nelson Lucero, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Ulysse Nardin, told us, “We are thrilled to be expanding our 167 year-old brand and venture into the New York market with our partners Jeffrey Khalaf and Michael Rosenberg who have been in the retail watch industry for over 10 years. Timepiece enthusiasts of New York are very passionate aficionados and we cannot wait to provide them with another destination where they can not only find limited edition pieces, but can also experience the craftsmanship, quality and innovation at work.”

NY Boutique

The Ritz-Carlton is pictured above from Central Park. Also pictured, a rendering of what the boutique will look like. Photos courtesy Ulysse Nardin and the Ritz-Carlton.