The Meat & Co’s Zesty Quinoa Salad Recipe


As the weather heats up, it’s a good idea to stick to cool summer recipes. The Meat Co have provided a delicious quinoa salad recipe for people to try out during the hot summer months.


Quinoa Salad:

Quinoa originates from South America and is not only delicious, but has many health benefits. The grain is a great substitute for rice or potato and for those wanting to cut down on carbs during the summer and get into shape. The salad includes fruit and vegetables, such as baby spinach and red apples ensuring you get your five a day.


Quinoa (500 grams)

Butter (50 grams)

Water (750 ml)

Plain yogurt (1 liter)

Lemon juice (120 ml)

Lemon zest (1 lemon)

Olive oil (200 ml)

White sugar (250 ml)

Baby Spinach (15 grams)

IP Cooked Quinoa (80 grams)

Cooked chickpeas (40 grams)

Toasted Pinenuts (15 grams)

Black currents soaked in warm apple juice (20 grams)

Red apples peeled and diced (25 grams)

Apple juice (40 ml)

Chopped parsley (3 grams)

Chopped Mint leaves (3 grams)

Cucumber peeled and diced (25 grams)

Feta cheese (25 grams)

Black pepper powder (2 grams)

Avocado (80 grams)

IP-Yogurt and lemon dressing (30 ml)

Mini herbs (5 grams)


Soak the quinoa in the water for a couple of hours. Once it is soaked, pour it in a medium sized pot and cook it for 20 minutes on a slow fire. When the quinoa is ready, strain the water and place it in a large roasting tray to cool.

Yogurt and lemon dressing: drain the watery liquid from the yogurt overnight in a fine colander over a bowl. Then mix all the ingredients in a bowl with the drained yogurt. Check the seasoning and label and store correctly in the fridge.

In a mixing bowl add the cooked quinoa, chickpea, pine nuts, red apples, cucumber, black currents, mint leaves, parsley, feta cheese and black pepper. Mix all the ingredients together with the yoghurt dressing and check the seasoning. In a round serving plate, place the baby spinach in the middle. Then arrange the quinoa mixer on top of the baby spinach by using a round ring. Next place the avocado slice on top of the quinoa mixer. Lastly, garnish with micro greens and drizzle some dressing around the baby spinach.

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