Steven Soderbergh Adds $10K to Spike Lee’s Kickstarter Campaign

Steven Soderbergh just donated $10,000 to a fellow filmmaker’s fundraising campaign. Spike Lee launched a Kickstarter campaign a mere two days ago, yet he’s already garnered a celebrity donor. Soderbergh’s hefty contribution bought him dinner and courtside Knicks tickets with Lee himself.

“I’m taking him to dinner and we’re going to the game together,” a humbled Lee said to NextMovie. “I don’t even know if he likes sports! So I’m gonna pick the game for him. But I’m giving a huge shout-out to my man Steven Soderberergh for the support and I’m really humbled with Steven coming on board and doing that.”

Steven Soderbergh boasts an impressive film repertoire, including King of the HillGray’s AnatomyErin BrockovichTrafficOcean’s ElevenOcean’s TwelveOcean’s ThirteenContagionMagic Mike, Side Effects and Behind the Candelabra. 

So far, Lee has accumulated $131,858, which marks 10% of his $1,250,000 goal. The hopeful director has 28 days left of his fundraising venture. Check out his campaign here.

Photo Credit: Vulture