Minus5 Ice Bar Opens in Manhattan to Counter Summer Heat

Minus5, Manhattan’s coolest new bar, is now open for all New Yorkers who desire a break from the sweltering summer sun. Located at the swanky New York Hilton Midtown, the hip hideaway stays true to its name. Bartenders who don snow boots bring you ice glasses in the frozen rooms, designed entirely from 350 blocks of pure Canadian ice. The winter weather wonderland charges $20 a pop for admission, Eskimo-style gloves and a parka. Not to mention the optional additional charge for faux fur coats.

The city’s inaugural ice bar is set at a chilling 23 degrees Fahrenheit, aka minus-5 degrees Celsius. Barring all possible heat, temperature-proof lockers at the door require customers to deposit any heat-emitting devices, including cellphones.

Every few months, an artsy ice carver will personalize the bar’s design according to the season, wildlife, location and even corporate designs for private parties. A photographer captures guests’ memories in photos that they can pick up later.

“The walls, everything,” said manager Chris Eldridge. “The chairs you’re sitting on, the glass you’re drinking out of, even the light above your head is made of ice.” Manhattan’s Minus5 bar joins the freezing family of Las Vegas locations.

Minus5 opens daily at 2 pm and welcomes families until 7 pm. After that, the scene switches to a more mature nightclub. The elaborate experience cost nearly $5 million to build, according to its Director of Operations, Noel Bowman.

Photo Credit: NY Daily News