Dori’s World: Rockin’ the French Riviera

2013-07-18 00.12.15

Glenn and Arabella Spiro hosted a fantastic lunch at their home in Saint-Tropez. With artichokes, pasta, rice, chicken, salads, fish and steak, no one was going hungry! Michael and Christina Hirtenstein, Alex and Letica Furmanich and Santiago Gonzalas were some of the guests invited to the beautiful home.

Later that evening, Denise Rich rocked the French Riviera with her Madagascar circus themed party. Drag Queens and acrobats entertained everyone as the champagne flowed! Guests included Jerry Hall, Bill Wyman, Magic & Cookie Johnson, Lorraine Schwartz, Anne Dexter Jones, Christine & Steve Schwarzman, Joan Collins, Rena Sindi, Sesai and Nur Tasket and Edna Kiddar. It was so much fun dancing all night on the moving dance floor.