Dori’s World: Afternoon Shopping and Boating

I had a beautiful lunch at the house. Annabella Spiro came by and Simone. Then I went to Rena Sindi and Makram Abboud’s party. Lisa Reuben, Claude Otte, the Tschengies, Thomas Leclerc, Gulia Caltagirone and Reem Debs were there.

Of course I had another day at 55 and then town for a beauty afternoon shopping. I had a quick snack at Senequier and was looking out at all the yachts coming back into port. That evening I had dinner at Le Ban-Hoi with Militan Gatsby, Mark and Lee Shaker, one of the owners of Hotelcap Ferat. Then I was off to the Byblos pool, meeting up with Harvey Weinstein, Pascale Bourbeau, Travis Mcourt, and the famous Richard Baskin, who has done almost all of Elton John and Rod Stewarts’ videos. Then a boat day on Lisa Reuben’s boat. Swimming, lunch and tanning- who could ask for more?