Nik Wallenda’s Request to Walk Tightrope Across Manhattan ‘Will Likely Be Denied’

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After walking across Arizona’s Little Colorado River Gorge on a tightrope, Nik Wallenda has set his sights on the Big Apple. The 34-year-old seventh-generation daredevil is seeking permission to walk on a tightrope from the Chrysler building to the Empire State building, but NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly says the permit would likely be denied.

“If he fell into the Grand Canyon, only he’d end up dead and wet,” Kelly’s spokesperson, Paul Browne, told Fox News. “If he fell in Manhattan, God help those below.”

On Sunday evening, Wallenda walked 1,500 feet on a 2-inch thick cable in 22 minutes as millions of people around the world sat glued to their television screens. “It was unbelievable,” he said in a statement after completely the death-defying feat. “It was everything I wanted it to be. It was extremely emotional. I got to the other end and started crying.”