Monaco Yacht Show Summer Party 2013 Kicks off at Fairmont

Picture 5

Every year, the Monaco Yacht Show Summer Party is the signal that famed yachting event is approaching. The roof of the Fairmont Hotel hosted hundreds of guests and allowed attendees to view new superyachts pulling in from the Cote d’Azur, and the new Amels superyacht even made an appearance. In addition, it is suspected that 35 new launches will make their debut at the show in September.

According to, megayachts such as “Apostrophe, Aziza, Chopi Chopi, Rainbow, Galactica Star, Grace E, J’Ade, Quatroelle, Twilight and Seahawk” are likely to appear for viewing at the Monaco Yacht Show, among others. Stay tuned for more details as the event draws near.

Photos courtesy of Super Yachts