Haute 100 NY Update: Chelsea Clinton Interviews Stella McCartney

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton, special correspondent for NBC News, reporting in style in Friday’s interview with revolutionary designer Stella McCartney. McCartney is well-known for her vegetarian luxury fashion that vows to reject animal materials, a lifestyle that Clinton venerates and once lived by. At the age of thirteen, Clinton ceded her carnivore ways after reading about animal cruelty and finding a practical and protein-filled vegetarian diet, thanks to McCartney’s mother, Linda. Chelsea and her mother, Hillary, perused “Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking” and felt at peace with the decision.

“In a very pragmatic way, Linda McCartney helped me meet my mother’s conditions for being a vegetarian, to get enough protein and eat a well-balanced diet and, in the process, helped both my mom and me feel good about the choice I had made,” Clinton wrote for Rock Center with Brian Williams.

After her 18-year meatless streak, Clinton has returned to her carnivorous ways but keeps her respect for devout and exemplary individuals who eschew animal cruelty in both food and fashion, the reason for her highly-anticipated interview with the sartorial sage.

“Watching Stella work, and listening to her talk about her passion for fashion and particularly ethically-based fashion, one gets the sense that while Stella McCartney has long arrived, she is only just getting started,” Clinton beamed about McCartney, a compliment that many would say about the impressive reporter’s bright future as well.

Watch the interview here on Rock Center with Brian Williams.