FEED USA and Target Celebrate Collaboration with American-themed Party

Lauren Bush Lauren, founder and CEO of FEED USA, celebrated her upcoming new collection for Target last week. Beneath the sunset and the Brooklyn Bridge, the all-American bash stuck to its patriotic theme to honor the collection and its future proceeds, which will feed hungry Americans across the country.

“Obviously, it’s all about a vintage Americana feel,” said Lauren, as she carried her denim FEED bag and donned a red chiffon Ralph Lauren Collection dress. As per the theme and red dress code, guests sported red lips, shirts, shoes, dresses, etc. Notable appearances included Sophia Bush, Lea Michele, Shala Monroque, Phil Oh, Karlie Kloss and Mamie Gummer.

On picnic tables with whimsical wheat centerpieces, Lauren Bush Lauren and Target fed their FEED supporters beets and kale salad, with the national favorite for dessert: apple crumble. Under glimmering string lights, the night ended with American Idol star Phillip Phillips‘s performance.

For those who want to feed Americans across the country and rock Lauren’s lovely designs, the FEED collection debuts at Target on June 30.