Dori’s World: Summer Birthdays and Bags

2013-06-17 18.39.47

Monday afternoon, I celebrated my sister Lauren’s birthday at Nobu with her husband, Andrew, and my parents. Joe, the manager, sent over a ton of desserts! Later that afternoon, we shopped at Bergdorf and Barney’s.

At Katherine Kwei’s showroom, I bought a bunch of summer bags. Katherine has such a great collection- great colors, day bags, and evening bags. Amazing!

Then off to Howard and Allison Lutnick’s cocktail party at the Byrant Park Hotel. They have done so much for Hurricane Sandy victims and are involved in so many charities. What wonderful, giving people. Jill Heller, Roxanne Palin, Jackie Hochberg, Karen and Alex Chudnoff, Sara and Ken Pilot, Jen Beerman and Jennifer Gardner Trulson were all there. Allison and Howard’s niece just started an internship for Allison Broad. How exciting. Saw Marci and Michael Warren and Joey May. Later, I popped in to Sirio to see Matthew and Nicole Mellon. What a Monday!