Abu Dhabi’s First Fish Spa at Yas Waterworld

Pedi Pond Fisho Spa

Visitors are lining up to try a unique spa treatment at Yas Waterworld during the launch of Pedi Pond by Fisho – Abu Dhabi’s first fish spa.

Pedi Pond Fisho Spa (2)


The unique spa treatment at the Pedi Pond involves tiny Garra Rufa fish nibbling the dead skin off one’s fee

The Pedi Pond got an enthusiastic welcome from visitors to the waterpark who lined up to experience the unique spa treatment which involves tiny Garra Rufa fish nibbling the dead skin off your feet to leave them silky soft.

“Few people know that the Garra Rufa treatment is native to this part of the world given that the fish originally come from Turkey, Iraq and Syria,” says Park General Manager Mike Oswald. “It’s a real fun experience – and could be quite funny as the nibbling fish can leave you with a tickling sensation. The first few park visitors to try it this weekend absolutely loved it!”

The Pedi Pond by Fisho at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi uses more than 13,000 Garra Rufa fish in its tank at all times. The fish, popularly called “doctor fish”, have been specially bred on a farm in Germany and are the first ones to be available for commercial foot spa treatments in Abu Dhabi.

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