Rare Superman Comic Discovered in House Insulation For Sale at Auction

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While renovating a $10,100 fixer-upper in Minnesota, David Gonzales spotted something strange mixed with the old newspapers insulating the ceiling. The item in question: a 1938 Action Comics No. 1 book featuring the debut of Superman.

“I knew it was worth money,” said Gonzalez, 34. “But I had no idea how much.”

After performing a bit of research, Gonzalez realized the comic’s value, but sadly, not as much as it could have been. During a heated discussion with a relative about the comic’s worth, the back cover accidentally got ripped.

“That was a $75,000 tear,” Stephen Fishler, co-owner of New York City auction house ComicConnect, told StarTribune.com.

Bids for the comic book are being accepted until June 11. The online auction has already attracted 33 offers, including one for $107,333.

“I am a humble working guy, so I didn’t get too excited when I found it with old newspapers stuffed in the walls,” said Gonzalez, a father of four. “Money won’t buy you happiness.”