London: GNH Bar Injects a Bit of Cool into King’s Cross

GNH Bar night
It’s no secret that for a long time King’s Cross Station was a decidedly un-chic part of town. Full of chain restaurants and dingy pubs, catching a train with time to spare was an act of bravery. But since the reopening of St Pancras and the station’s renovation, suddenly the area has become a destination for travelers and locals alike.

Dubbed as where “Couture Paris meets Modernist Manhattan,” the newly renovated Northern Hotel’s ground floor bar is the new, cool kid on the block. A nod to French railway restaurants with a decidedly stylish 1920s Art Deco vibe, the pewter bar and stunning glass chandeliers are not what one has come to expect in this part of town, a sure sign that the tides are changing. Open from 7am with a breakfast menu, the bar doesn’t close until late and offers a small but worthy menu of bar bites and sandwiches. The cocktail menu is the real star though with everything from a Classic Champagne Cocktail to more exciting options like the Lady Violet (a tasty mix of Elderflower vodka and Chambord), named after the Great Northern’s ladies smoking room, the first in the world.

King’s Cross Station, St Pancras International
London, N1C 4TB