Haute Ambassador: Lea Black’s Beauty Philosophy


So many people ask how, with my busy schedule, I can maintain such healthy glowing skin, a positive attitude and endless energy. One of my secrets is my 30 Steps to Inner and Outer Beauty. I’ve used the Sudden Youth Facial Treatment kit since I introduced it in the mid-eighties. More importantly, through research and development, we have just launched an incredible new line of cutting edge skincare products under the Lea Black Signature Beauty brand. We have integrated progressive technology and high quality ingredients and worked with top scientists and chemists to design skincare, which takes the before and after results to new heights.

But that’s only part of my secret. The truth is, as naive as it may seem- I believe true beauty, transcendent beauty and timeless beauty must start from within. It takes both inner awareness and peace of mind (along with what products we use) to give us that youthful look, radiance and luminosity at any age.

Have you ever noticed deep lines, sad eyes or dull skin tones when talking to a friend or even looking in the mirror? I think if you walked in the shoes of the women whose face bears these things, you would agree that it’s a manifestation of what we think about. Anger and resentments we have harbored and circumstances that have molded our lives have ultimately “sculpted” our faces.

At Lea Black Beauty, I like to keep it simple; it’s a lifestyle, a way of being.We are what we think about, what we believe, how we live, our ideas, opinions, our life experiences both good and bad and our attitudes. It’s not our circumstances that define us – it’s how we deal with them. It’s not what we do but who we are; not what we say but how we live.

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