Haute 100 Update: Philip Levine Runs For Mayor of Miami Beach


Haute 100 -Lister Philip Levine has announced his candidacy for Mayor of Miami Beach. Sitting Mayor Matti Herrara Bower is preparing to vacate her post after six years as mayor. Levine is President and CEO of Royal Media Partners and is a looking to run a Bloomberg-style campaign bringing new blood to the city’s usual line up. His slogan promises to “Take Back The Beach” by cleaning up corruption and reforming city finances. Voters are hoping Levine will be able to manage the city’s balance sheets the way he has managed his companies over the years. While this is Levine’s first foray into politics, he has close relationships with Best Buddies founder and Kennedy family member Anthony Shriver and also is involved with Clinton’s Global Initiative. Haute Living is supporting Levine’s candidacy and encouraging citizens to volunteer, donate $100 (or less), and for Miami Beach residents to download his petition to add Levine’s name to the ballot.