Haute 100 Miami Update: LeBron James Second Highest Paid Athelete

LeBron James, star power forward for the Miami Heat, has claimed the title of second highest paid athlete in the US this year according to Sports Illustrated, beat out only by welterweight boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Although he earns $17.5 million playing for the Miami Heat, it is James’ $39 million endorsement deals with brands like Samsung, Nike and Baskin-Robbins that allowed him to edge out previous high-earners such as Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant. By league standards his Miami Heat paycheck isn’t that large, but will surely increase with his clinching of his 4th NBA MVP award. In addition to his sponsorship contracts, which includes the biggest deal with Nike ever, James is part owner of a Liverpool soccer club. Sports Illustrated determines their Fortunate 50 candidates by analyzing salaries, winnings, bonuses, and endorsements. Chris Bosh, James’ Miami Heat teammate

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