Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson Discuss Their Inner ‘Glow’

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It’s hard not to be enviable of Goldie Hawn‘s and Kate Hudson‘s perfect porcelain skin. The mother-daughter duo recently appeared in an Almay ad for Mother’s Day and said their glow comes from the inside.

“Beauty is an inside-out job,” Hudson explained to the Associated Press. “I think when you are connected to the things that you love, whether it be your children or your creativity, that they bring out a level of joy and circulate all the endorphins in your brain and then you have that, that’s when beauty starts to reveal itself.”

Ever since 34-year-old blonde bombshell broke onto the scene with a starring role in “Almost Famous,” fans were blown away by her resemblance to Hawn. Everyone that is, except for Hawn. “We don’t really look alike,” she insisted. “You take all of our features and they’re not alike. What we do have is a way of being that is both very similar.”

“Katie’s eyes are different,” she continued. “She looks more like my mother. It’s interesting how you can feel it’s in the DNA. Katie said it perfectly, she said, `Why does everybody always talk about this and that and us’ and she said, `What do you expect? I’m my mother’s daughter!'”

Now that Hudson is a mother herself, she says that her relationship with Hawn has evolved into a friendship. “I think when I had Rider I think that’s when you really start to see your parents and connect with them in a different way and you start to see yourself differently as to what you put your parents through,” she explained. “You sort of empathize.”