Dori’s World: Lunch at Amaranth Restaurant

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 12.47.28 PM

On Tuesday Stacey Paschow sat outside next to one of my favorites, Mr Angello, who was having a quiet chat with Mr. Perlman. On Wednesday I had lunch at Amaranth Restaurant! Emilia Fanjul-Pfeifler and her mother Emilia Fanjul were with Lourdes Fanjul at a ladies lunch at the table next to us. I was with Dani Stahl, Nicky Hilton, Debra Peltz, Masha Mimrom, Jennifer Creel, Gigi Grimstad. Marile Safra popped in with her gorgeous daughter to meet her mother for tea. I also apotted Sulakia Gormly, Scot Lerner, Martin Franklin,, Brenda Swizten and Pamela Johnson. Amaranth is rocking! Then I headed off to Fred Fiseman’s event at the bowery. What a full two days!