Casa Casuarina List Price Drops $25 Million


With every price drop owning Casa Casuarina – the late Gianni Versace’s former home which has become a mecca to the designer’s extravagant, borderline baroque style – gets more accessible. The Ocean Drive mansion has seen its price go down for the second time. Originally put on the market for $125 million, the 10 bedroom, 19,000 square foot residence dropped again in November of 2012 and once more to $75 million this week.

Originally constructed in the 1930s, Casa Casuarina has seen decades worth of  Miami’s top echelon from 1930s opera stars to Sir Elton John.  With 11 baths all boasting gold-plated showers, the mansion is already a sumptuous addition to Miami Beach’s most famous drive, but Casa Casuarina also houses a stargazing observatory and a swimming pool with 24-carat gold mosaic tiles.

The famous house is currently listed as a single family home by Jill Hertzberg and Jill Eber, the real estate agents charged with making sure the once-residence of Versace goes to the right buyer.

After being listed at $100 million dollars for six months, Casa Casuarina is now selling for $75 million. With its grand styling and fantastic location, the new price leaves no doubt that the Versace mansion will soon see a new owner just as fabulous as the home itself.