Artist Patrick Mimran’s Jet Set Giraffe Leaves Monte Carlo For English Zoo

Patrick Mimran - Installation: JetSet-Giraffe - Monte Carlo - Monaco - 2002

Swiss artist Patrick Mimran‘s “Jet Set Giraffe,” which has been living at Monte Carlo’s Grand Casino Garden since 2009, is moving to its permanent home at the Colchester Zoo in Essex, England. The artist has donated the piece, which was created to be the centerpiece in Monte Carlo’s bi-annual ‘Parade des Animaux’. The piece is considered to be the tallest giraffe sculpture in the world and appears to be solid metallic silver by day, but transforms by lighting up with 214 colorful lights by night. Made of glass fiber and steel and and standing at 7.5 meters, it is quite a sight to behold.

Although Mimran, who is known stateside for his Chelsea Billboard Project, intended the giraffe as a commentary on humanity’s superficiality, the art piece is simply one of the prettiest and playful pieces of art in public spaces we have ever seen. Even the artist realizes it’s effect saying, “If it can bring to the people who will look at it a moment of joy, fun and [escape] it will completely fulfill my ambition of being an artist.” Now the giraffe will be moving to it’s new home at Colchester Zoo, where it will be part of  “Standing Tall,” a large-scale public art event which is part of the zoo’s 50th anniversary celebration and raise money for giraffes. The exhibit will feature many giraffes sculptures, but the Jet Set Giraffe will be the last one standing as it stays permanently while the others will be auctioned off to help the UmPhafa Reserve in South Africa.

Patrick Mimran - Installation: JetSet-Giraffe - Monte Carlo - Monaco - 2002