To Do: Istanbul INN London this weekend

Istanbul is everywhere you look at the moment, and for good reason. The city, which historically has always linked Europe to Asia, is having a cultural renaissance and everyone wants in on a piece of the action. And this weekend those lucky enough to be in London can get a taste of Turkish life without ever leaving the city.

Istanbul INN London is a pioneering new project that aims to bring the best of Istanbul’s vibrant culture to the UK. The show is a platform for the city’s contemporary art, architecture, literature, fashion, design, film and food scenes. Visitors will be immersed in all things Turkish and will have the opportunity to learn more about the brands involved as well as purchase art, fashion and other goods from designers who have never before been available in the UK. There will also be luxury street food vendors, Turkish coffee, authentic dining experiences and bars serving Raki, the Turkish cocktail of choice.

Tickets are available on INN London’s website.

Istanbul INN London
Victoria House
Southampton Row
Bloomsbury, London