Milagro Tequila “Mixologia” at Paradise Farms


Milagro Tequila kicked off “Mixologia” with Tequila Ambassador, Jamie Salas, for a tequila tasting menu at Paradise Farms. Guests mixed locally grown ingredients including, strawberries, honey, greens, flowers, citrus and herbs with Milagro tequila to create farm fresh cocktails. Paradise Farms was founded by Gabriela Marewski who guided guests around the farm for a tour and thorough explanation of all that is grown on the property. A dinner of snapper and grouper ceviche with sour orange and Milagro Tequila soaked papaya,  Paradise blend greens , blossoms , spicy  Milagro tequila marinated strawberries, Wheatberry ragout with charred radish , grated coconut , kale and mustard greens and a Carambola upside down cake with lime salted peanuts and Milagro Silver Glaze was prepared by Chef Dewey Losasso of the Forge.  The dinner combined local ingredients and Milagro tequila in each course. That, paired with the full moon shining over Paradise Farms, and endless Milagro cocktails made the night one to remember.