Dori’s World: Trip to Miami


After London, I flew straight to Florida to celebrate Passover in Boca with my family. I spent a few days with them then went to Palm Beach with the Mellon’s, Marjorie Gubelmann, Celerie Kemble, Eleanor Propp and Christine Mack. I was back in Miami on Friday where I saw Richard LeFrak and Harry LeFrak, Blaine Trump, Gloria and Shaul Nakash, David Cayre, Tanya and Mal Serure. I went to dinner at Nobu with Stacey Pashcow, Lisa Reuben, Ron Valk, Nazanin and Roald Smeets, then off to Radio to meet Fabien and Martian Basbe for his birthday. Next I went to Casa Tua, then to see my friend Dani Stahl. I capped off my night with a stop at The Wall with David Reuben, Jason Pomerac and John Mason. What amazing weather and a great weekend!